Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Program Mission

The mission of the Physics Program is to foster curiosity about the laws governing the physical world, enlighten students in critical thinking, and instruct them on applying the scientific method. Graduates of the program are prepared for careers in physics and physics-related fields, or the pursuit of advanced degrees. Graduates can pursue advanced degrees in diverse fields, including physics, medicine, teaching, engineering, or the law.

Degree Objectives

  • Introductory level courses are offered for students interested in any discipline, as well as for those students with special interests in science or engineering regardless of their background
    or preparation.
  • Intermediate level courses are offered for students wishing to concentrate in scientific or technical  fields, and a broad spectrum of advanced courses for students planning to pursue in-depth studies of physics, astronomy, engineering or related  fields are provided.
  • The department emphasizes hands-on experience and laboratory work in its programs.


Dr. Ryan Maderak
Associate Professor, Chair
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Other Department Offerings

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Physics
  • Certification for Physic Teaching grades 6-12 (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Astronomy
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Physics
  • Minor in Physics
  • Minor in Astronomy